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Monday, March 7, 2016

School murals

During training two years ago, retiring PCVs encouraged us new volunteers to do murals the first few months while we were learning the language.  Now it's almost two years later, and I know the language, but I still love murals.  My health hut mural project was one of my favorite things I've done with my service, and in recent weeks I've been doing educational murals at local elementary schools, as well.

Pretend not to notice that I mispelled "Humain"


close up

A billion people, a million languages, fifty four countries, one amazing continent.

I have been in 12 of the 14 regions.

Domestic Animals

My host sister Medo had the day off from school and helped me with the Kolda map


I have plans to do a human digestive system and life cycle of a frog before I COS.  Pictures of those will come up as soon as they're done.

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